Hello, I’m Pamela. I am originally from Dublin, and have been living in Co. Kildare since 2003 with my partner, our two teenage children and Sam, our rescue retriever!

My interest in yoga began just before I had children. While raising a young family, it was often difficult to find time for my own yoga practice in Kildare. As the children grew a bit older, I found ways to adapt some elements of my personal yoga practice to make it accessible to them. To my surprise, they really enjoyed it – and so did I.  I soon realised that yoga isn’t just for adults. Yoga with kids has lots of benefits and is really good fun too! Right there, I saw an opportunity to tie my love of yoga and my love for children together.

In 2012, I trained as a Children’s Yoga Teacher with ‘Rainbow Kids Yoga’, and the following year I began teaching yoga classes to children in Carlow and Kildare. I took the Kids Yoga and Mindfulness classes to schools and after-school clubs, summer camps, soccer clubs, scout dens etc.

In 2014, I undertook the ‘Radiant Child Yoga’ teacher training programme and in 2017, I completed the 200Hr Yoga Alliance UK Teacher Training in Ashtanga Yoga, guided by Paul Whelan, my teacher since 2013. This qualified me to teach yoga for adults. TheYurt now offers a range of yoga classes for children and adults. My youngest student is 4 and my oldest is 79!!

The Yurt yoga centre - Pamela

I have always been interested in working with children. I enjoy being around them, witnessing their curiosity of the world and discovering themselves as independent beings. I am constantly researching, gathering and creating new yoga and wellness material to inspire and empower them. My objective is to help as many children as possible: to connect with their inner resources, to project kindness and compassion and to maintain their innate sense of wonder and curiosity for the world around them. This led me to create ‘The WellBeings Programme’ for primary schools. This six to eight week yoga and wellness programme for schools was first delivered in 2017, and has been enthusiastically received by primary schools in Co. Kildare and the surrounding areas since.

By 2017, the time felt right to open my own Wellness space. So, we bought a Yurt – and put it in the garden! With TheYurt erected, I had a private, purpose-built space to share yoga and mindfulness with children and families in our community.

Sharing these life enhancing practices with groups of like-minded people continues to give me joy. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported this journey, so far. I am constantly inspired by my teachers, my students, my children, my friends, my fellow practitioners and the authors of so many wonderful books on the subject of yoga and wellness. 

There is so much to give and so much to learn.


Our Place, Your Space

TheYurt is a yoga and wellness space nestled in the countryside of Kilmead, Co Kildare.  (40 mins from Dublin).  It arrived in 2017 and is the perfect space to get away from the demands of life and to allow yourself a little self-care.

A traditional yurt is a circular, portable tent, with a wooden or bamboo frame covered in felt or skins, inhabited by nomadic groups in Central Asia. It is a clever and beautiful structure, just not very practical in the Irish climate! Our yurt is derived from the original but modified to suit our damp and changeable weather.

To me, the circular shape of TheYurt symbolises the unbroken rhythms of nature – such as the earth’s orbit around the sun, the movement of the tides, the seasons, our own circadian rhythms and our breath. There are no windows in TheYurt, so when inside you can really take yourself away from the distractions and the load of the world outside. The shape gives it a feeling of community and shared purpose. A place for healing, grounding and self-discovery, like sitting in a giant nest, being nurtured by the natural environment that surrounds it. 

In TheYurt we host a variety of yoga and mindfulness classes for adults and children. We offer regular sound bath meditation sessions as well as workshops, summer camps and training courses. Please explore the website to find classes for Adults or Children, to book a place at a Sound Bath or to Hire TheYurt for your own use.

We hope that once the pandemic has been defeated, The Yurt can safely re-open and be filled with bright souls again. In the meantime, check out our Online Yoga Classes for Adults and Online Yoga Classes for Children.