Adult Yoga Class Descriptions


Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha Yoga class is suitable for beginners and for those who have practiced yoga before. In this class we practice the traditional yoga postures (asanas), taking us into deep stretches and building flexibility and strength throughout the entire body. We also pay particular attention to our breathing, helping us become more present. Hatha yoga helps to bring us into balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. Each class concludes with a short meditation.


Yoga Flow

This is a fluid class where we move our beautiful, strong, energetic bodies with focus and awareness on the breath. This is suitable for all levels and every class will include setting a personal sankalpa (intention), pranayama, asanas & relaxation.


Yin Yoga

A slow paced meditative class where we hold the poses a little longer in order to release tension from the dense connective tissues around the joints. This practice is connected strongly to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) so, during the practice our awareness is around the flow of Qi and energy in the body helping us to release discomfort and difficult emotions from the body. Yin yoga compliments yang-like practices such as workouts or a stressful lifestyle. It helps us to reap the benefits of stillness and brings awareness of our body and mind.



The way we practise Ashtanga in this class is a little different to your traditional Ashtanga class. We practice the traditional primary sequence but at a slower pace and with the help of props. In this way the practice can be modified to suit each individual. Ashtanga becomes a beautiful meditative way of moving your body and freeing the mind


Yin Yang Flow

This style is suitable for those who love a little bit of strength and heat but also seek relaxation and stillness. This style of class helps us to become more aware of how we react to the flow of yin and yang not only on a mat but off the mat as well.


Mindful Movement

This is a slow moving, gentle class. Each week we repeat a sequence of movements. Each movement ie repeated four times and is synchronised with deep conscious breathing. The class is ideal for those who want to move slowly and mindfully. The inward focus of this practice helps to slow down the activity of our minds , helps to reduce stress and can benefit joint mobility. After a few classes you will find that you begin to move more mindfully even outside TheYurt !!

Each class concludes with deep relaxation