Hire the Yurt


If you have a skill, a practice, a treatment, a product or an idea you would like to share, TheYurt offers a calm, intimate and welcoming space, to gather. It can be hired to run a weekly class, a training programme, or a once off workshop/event. Our unique venue to hire in Kildare includes The Yurt, The Annex, the Garden and a free parking area.


Lying on mats, TheYurt can comfortably accommodate 14 people.

For a seated event, up to 40 people is possible.

The Driveway has space for up to max. 10 cars.


A yurt is a circular, portable tent, with a wooden or bamboo frame covered in felt or skins, with a cone shaped roof. They are traditionally inhabited by nomadic groups in Central Asia. Our yurt, here in Kilmead, is derived from the original but modified to suit the Irish climate.


To me, the circular shape of The Yurt symbolises the unbroken rhythms of nature – such as the earth’s orbit around the sun, the movement of the tides, the seasons, our own circadian rhythms and our breath. There are no windows in TheYurt, so when inside you can really take yourself away from the distractions and the load of the world outside. The shape gives it a feeling of community and shared purpose. A place for healing, grounding and self-discovery, like sitting in a giant nest, being nurtured by the natural environment that surrounds it.


The Yurt has several power points. It is lit with LED lighting, lamps and candles and natural light flows in through the dome and the door. Infrared heaters, provide clean, safe heat.

The Annex

Next to TheYurt, The Annex, consists of a main room (5x3m), a small kitchen and a toilet/shower room. The main room can be used as a treatment room, a breakout room during workshops, art room, or a lunch area.  It has a new double sofa bed, so it is possible for the workshop facilitator to stay overnight if running a weekend course. The Annex opens out onto a patio area which faces TheYurt.

The Garden

TheYurt has its own small private garden, however, you may have access to our larger garden if needed. I often take the mats out into the larger garden on a warm day for group meditation. There is also a fire pit and logs available.

If you are interested in hiring TheYurt, please make an enquiry, stating what your event is, when it is, how many people you wish to host and for how long. We are happy to work with you to make your class or event successful.