Sound Meditation


Have you ever found yourself singing or humming to soothe an upset baby? Have you ever played a particular piece of music to remind you of a feeling or uplift your mood? Sound has been associated with healing and spirituality for thousands of years. Think of Vedic Mantra, Gregorian Chant, Djeme Drumming, Church Hymns etc.

In more recent times, scientists have studied how certain sounds can affect health. A study published in the Journal of Evidence Based Integrative Medicine found that a Tibetan singing bowl meditation helped decrease stress, anxiety, and pain, and improved mood and a sense of spiritual well-being, for participants. 

A Sound Bath may be a new concept for most people. It is essentially a group meditation led by a sound practitioner. Instruments such as Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Drums and other magnificent instruments are used to initiate deep listening. As you become immersed in the sounds, the mind quietens. The sound vibrations wash over you, leading you to a meditative state of inner peace and healing.

“If meditation is taking the stairs, then a sound bath is taking the elevator.”

Sara Auster, Sound Bath: Transform Your World Through Listening


We are very lucky to have Benedykt Grablowski visit TheYurt every second Friday. Benedykt is a Qualified Sound Practitioner and Reiki Master. Together we offer a 2hour Sound Bath which includes one on one sound healing using Tibetan Bowls and Tuning Forks. Beni has over 12 years experience as a sound practitioner and has a wonderful variety of instruments. TheYurt offers the perfect setting for this deeply healing and nourishing experience.   

Price includes sound bath, individual healing and a comforting herbal tea (2hours) €30

In the interest of everyone’s health and safety, classes at TheYurt have been temporarily suspended. Please leave a message if you would like to be informed of our re-opening. Hang in there!